Weekly Mortgage Applications Survey

Weekly Mortgage Applications Survey

The Weekly Mortgage Applications Survey, conducted by the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), analyzes U.S. mortgage application activity. The MBA publishes reports and commentary based on the survey, providing insights into real estate financing, including new home purchases, refinancing, and mortgages. The survey, in operation since 1990, is considered a leading indicator in the housing and mortgage finance industries.

Each week’s reports track changes in fixed-rate, adjustable, conventional, and governmental loans and refinances. It’s worth noting that the survey focuses on mortgage applications submitted, not those that close.

While the Weekly Mortgage Applications Survey is relatively new, the Mortgage Bankers Association has been around since 1914. Originally known as the Farm Mortgage Bankers Association of America, it offered loans for farmland before changing its name to Mortgage Bankers Association of America in 1926.

Membership in the MBA is open to anyone in the real estate finance industry, but it is primarily composed of independent mortgage banks. The Weekly Applications Survey aggregates member-reported data for its reports.

The MBA publishes the survey results every Wednesday, highlighting two key indices: the MBA Refinance Index and the MBA Purchase Index. The Refinance Index tracks refinance applications and provides insight into market trends that can impact mortgage investors. The Purchase Index counts new home loan applications and helps forecast new housing construction.

Overall, the Weekly Mortgage Applications Survey serves as a valuable tool for understanding the state of real estate financing and housing trends.

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