Voucher Check Definition Examples and Benefits

Voucher Check Definition Examples and Benefits

Voucher Check: Definition, Examples and Benefits

What Is a Voucher Check?

A voucher check combines a check and a voucher, also known as "remittance advice." It includes information about the transaction parties, creating an auditable paper trail for the payment.

Key Takeaways

  • A voucher check is an official payment that creates an audit trail for payment details.
  • Voucher checks consist of three parts: the check, a payee’s voucher, and an issuer’s voucher. Before computerized payroll, these parts were three perforated items on a standardized sheet.
  • Voucher checks are commonly used by the payroll department of a company and may be referred to as payroll checks.

Understanding Voucher Checks

A voucher check creates a payment paper trail. The recipient detaches one voucher part for record-keeping before cashing the check. The issuer retains the other voucher portion.

Voucher checks used in computerized accounting systems have three parts that fit on standard-sized sheets of paper. The checks are usually business-sized but with the same width as a standard check. One part is the check, and the other two are vouchers for the payee and issuer’s records. Perforations make it easy to separate the different sections.

A voucher is a document used by a company’s accounts payable department to gather and file supporting documents for approving and tracking liability payments. It serves as backup documentation for accounts payable, invoicing, or payroll. The voucher ensures proper authorization of payments and receipt of goods or services.

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Who Uses Voucher Checks?

Voucher checks are commonly used by a company’s payroll department and are referred to as payroll checks. The voucher includes a voucher number, payee name, date, amount (gross and net), signatures, and memo notes. Despite the prevalence of direct deposit for employee payments, maintaining a paper trail backup is common.

Vendors also use voucher checks. In this case, a voucher check is issued when an invoice is matched with a purchase order and documentation of the filled order. Having a file of voucher records helps the accounts payable department resolve payment disputes and prepare books for month-end closings.

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