Mobile-First Strategy What It is How It Works Example

Mobile-First Strategy What It is How It Works Example

Mobile-First Strategy: What It is, How It Works, Example

What Is a Mobile-First Strategy?

The phrase "mobile-first strategy" refers to developing websites with priority given to the mobile-enabled version over the desktop version.

Companies prioritize the mobile versions of their webpages due to the increasing popularity of phone-based internet browsing and online shopping.

Key Takeaways

  • A mobile-first strategy prioritizes the mobile version of a website over the desktop version.
  • This practice is becoming increasingly common.
  • Mobile-first strategies will likely become the norm, as major search engines prioritize mobile versions of websites.

How Mobile-First Strategies Work

When pursuing a mobile-first strategy, a company releases a mobile-enabled version of its website before investing resources into developing a desktop version. A rudimentary desktop website may be released alongside the mobile version.

Several factors drive the popularity of mobile-first strategies. Smartphone web traffic has steadily grown, with mobile browsing equal to desktop browsing in January 2021. In 2020, 61% of all U.S. web traffic came from mobile devices.

Mobile websites offer additional data and features. Touch-screen interfaces allow website owners to obtain detailed user experience (UX) data. Rich user data, including location tracking, can inform marketing campaigns and business development efforts.

Real World Example of a Mobile-First Strategy

A significant factor driving the adoption of mobile-first strategies is Google’s "mobile-first indexing" strategy. Starting in July 2019, Google’s search algorithm prioritizes the mobile versions of websites during indexing.

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New websites developed without a mobile-first strategy may experience sub-par search engine optimization (SEO) results. Given Google’s influence in the global search-engine ecosystem, mobile-first strategies are becoming a best practice for new website development projects.

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