Freeganism Overview History Practices

Freeganism Overview History Practices

Freeganism is an alternative philosophy focused on minimal participation in capitalism and conventional economic practices, as well as limited consumption of capitalist resources.

Key Takeaways:

– Freeganism is a lifestyle philosophy that adopts alternative means to satisfy material needs.

– Freegans believe capitalism promotes over-production and over-indulgence, which they strive to mitigate.

– Freegans act against animal cruelty, human rights abuse, and environmental destruction.

– Freegans forage, volunteer, and squat instead of buying, working, and renting, respectively.

– Businesses can reduce waste by employing freegan principles like recycling and donating food.

Understanding Freeganism:

– Freeganism combines veganism with a rejection of modern capitalism.

– Freegans believe that capitalistic over-indulgence drives the demand for meat.

– Freegans boycott most aspects of capitalism and prioritize animal welfare, human rights, and the environment.

– Freegans live outside of capitalist hubs to avoid consumer behaviors.

– Freegans use alternative strategies like foraging, volunteering, and squatting to meet their needs.

– Freeganism ranges from casual salvaging to extreme money refusal.

– Dumpster diving is legal in all 50 U.S. states.

History of Freeganism:

– Freeganism was introduced in the mid-1990s by the founder of Food Not Bombs.

– The Diggers, a 1960s anarchist group, influenced today’s freegans.

– An organized group of freegans formed in New York City in 2003.

Freeganistic Practices:

– Freegans dumpster dive, hitchhike, squat, and share housing.

– Urban guerilla gardening transforms abandoned lots into community gardens.

– Freegans focus on community-building and reducing reliance on capitalism.

– Businesses can implement freegan practices to reduce waste and be more aware of externalities.

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– Reducing paper reliance and harmful items (e.g., styrofoam, coffee pods) also helps the environment.

Limitations of Freeganism:

– Freeganism challenges capitalism and has health risks associated with dumpster diving.

– Dumpster divers must take precautions to avoid food poisoning.

– Foraging and squatting can lead to legal issues in some cities.

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