Melbourne Business School

Melbourne Business School

Melbourne Business School

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What Is the Melbourne Business School?

The Melbourne Business School is the graduate business school at the University of Melbourne in Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 1955, it is renowned for its international student body and connections to the Asia-Pacific business community.

The Melbourne Business School offers a highly desirable Master of Business Administration (MBA) program for those wishing to gain international work experience. This program is consistently ranked among the top 30 international MBA programs worldwide by leading publications such as Businessweek, U.S. News, and the Financial Times. In 2021, it was ranked #1 among MBA programs in Australia by the Economist.

Key Takeaways

  • The Melbourne Business School is a graduate school of business and management at the University of Melbourne in Melbourne, Australia.
  • In 2020, its MBA program was ranked as the top MBA program in Australia by the Financial Times.
  • Recent graduates of Melbourne Business School have pursued careers in the financial services, real estate development, and management consulting sectors.

Overview of Melbourne Business School

The Melbourne Business School is located in the cosmopolitan city of Melbourne, Australia. It offers graduate degrees in law and business and is known for its high quality of instruction and international network of alumni and affiliated institutions. The school is co-owned by the University of Melbourne, with the university owning 45% and the rest owned by several Australian businesses, showcasing its strong connections with the regional business community.

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Melbourne Business School offers Master’s degrees in analytics management, business analytics, marketing, management, and international business. It also provides various Ph.D. programs in disciplines such as economics, finance, and actuarial studies.

The school offers a range of MBA programs to suit different career requirements. Apart from the full-time MBA program, available in one-year or two-year formats, there are part-time MBA and executive MBA options. There is also a senior executive MBA track for older applicants who are more advanced in their careers.

The main campus of Melbourne Business School is located in Carlton, a suburb of Melbourne, within walking distance to the Central Business District. Executive classes are also taught at the Mt. Eliza campus, which merged with the business school in 2004. Students have various enrichment opportunities, including competitions, community engagement, and workplace experience.

Applying to Melbourne Business School

Prospective students of Melbourne Business School must take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). The average accepted GMAT score is 705. Applicants should also have two years of relevant work experience and are required to submit their resume, academic transcript, a personal statement, and two professional references.

MBS also has a satellite campus in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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