McDonough School of Business

McDonough School of Business

McDonough School of Business

What Is McDonough School of Business?

McDonough School of Business is the business school of Georgetown University. Founded in 1957 in Washington, D.C., the school offers undergraduate and graduate programs.

McDonough School of Business emphasizes international business and organizational leadership. Its Master of Business Administration (MBA) program ranks within the top 40 programs worldwide according to leading publications such as Business Insider, the Economist, and the Financial Times.

Key Takeaways

  • McDonough School of Business is located at Georgetown University.
  • In addition to its MBA program, it offers joint-degree programs in areas such as medicine, law, and public policy.
  • Recent McDonough School of Business MBA graduates pursue careers primarily in financial services, management consulting, and technology sectors.

How McDonough School of Business Works

McDonough School of Business offers undergraduate majors in core subjects such as accounting, finance, and marketing. It also includes a mandatory liberal arts curriculum that covers calculus, business writing, philosophy, and ethics. The school operates a "Study Abroad" program in partnership with international institutions like ESADE Business School and the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School.

At the graduate level, McDonough School of Business offers MBA and postgraduate programs. In addition to the full-time 21-month MBA program, it also provides joint-degree programs with law, medicine, public policy, and foreign service.

Real World Example of McDonough School of Business

In 2019, the McDonough School of Business’s full-time MBA program was ranked the 17th-best program in the United States by the Financial Times. It also received similar rankings from Businessweek and US News, placing it as the country’s 19th and 25th-best programs, respectively.

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With an annual tuition of roughly $60,000, McDonough School of Business MBA graduates had an average starting salary of nearly $125,000 in 2019, with 95% receiving job offers within 3 months of graduation. These graduates commonly find employment in the financial services, technology, and management consulting sectors, with Amazon, Bank of America, and Deloitte being among their largest employers.

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