Marketing Mix The 4 Ps of Marketing and How to Use Them

Marketing Mix The 4 Ps of Marketing and How to Use Them

Marketing Mix: The 4 Ps and How to Use Them

What Is a Marketing Mix?

A marketing mix includes multiple areas of focus as part of a comprehensive marketing plan. The four Ps: product, price, placement, and promotion, are commonly used to classify these areas.

Effective marketing reaches a wide audience and keeps focus on what really matters. Organizations use a marketing mix to make strategic decisions for new or revised products.

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Key Takeaways

  • A marketing mix uses the four Ps: product, price, placement, and promotion.
  • Introduced in 1960 by marketing professor E. Jerome McCarthy, the four Ps work together to generate higher sales.
  • People, process, and physical evidence can also integrate into the marketing mix.

What Are the 4 Ps of a Marketing Mix?

The four Ps were introduced by marketing professor E. Jerome McCarthy in 1960. Marketing managers use various approaches for each of the four Ps depending on the industry and target audience.


A product or service must satisfy customer needs and differentiate itself from competitors.


The sale price reflects consumers’ willingness to pay. Consider costs and value-based pricing for differentiating products.

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Determine distribution based on the type of product. Basic consumer products are readily available, while premium products are limited.


Joint marketing campaigns use advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, and public relations. Crafting a message that incorporates the other three Ps is crucial.

What Are Other Marketing Tools?

Customer service businesses have unique needs and take a consumer-centric approach. Additional elements like people, process, and physical evidence address these needs.

Marketers study consumers to refine strategies. Communication strategies are crucial for obtaining feedback and building customer loyalty.

What Are the Four Elements of a Marketing Mix?

The four primary elements of a marketing mix are product, price, placement, and promotion. These elements create value and differentiate a product or service from competitors.

What Are the 7 Ps in a Marketing Mix?

Professor E. Jerome McCarthy’s four Ps can be extended to include people, physical evidence, and process.

People represent company employees. Physical evidence includes packaging and store layout. Process focuses on logistical aspects for a seamless customer experience.

What Is the Purpose of a Marketing Mix?

A marketing mix promotes a product or service, builds brand awareness, and drives revenue. It integrates key marketing strategies to achieve these goals.

The Bottom Line

A comprehensive marketing plan considers the marketing mix, which includes the four Ps. Customer-service businesses may incorporate additional Ps to address unique needs. All these tools are used to generate revenue and build customer loyalty.

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